Pretend this rock is a seed.
I spend a lot of time around rocks.
Nikki. She/Her. He/His. It really doesn't matter to me. 16. I make poor choices. Sometimes I tape things to my face. In middle school people thought I was so funny they gave me an award. It sits in my room as proof I am funny to kids ages 12-15. I have seen the movie A Bug's Life more times than any human being was meant to see it.

olicity + that came out wrong - 1x22 vs 2x02

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favorite outfits Felicity Smoak (season two) [2/2]

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Arrow meme | Favorite relationships

↳ Smoaking Canary

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Arrow [s02e13] / Arrow [s01e01]
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AU: Sara Lance was found by fishermen in the North China Sea, after being presumed dead for five years. Once home, Sara becomes the Black Canary, taking up the role of Starling City’s only and most lethal vigilante, in order to fulfill Robert Queen’s dying wish; “save our city”. 

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Sara Lance's body Appreciation Post

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I’ve always wanted to say I’ve taken a bullet for someone, and now, I can.

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"how to get every vigilante/assassin you meet to fall for you" a guide by felicity smoak

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